Brand illustration design for

Stork Ring Slings


Made for a unique little customer, the initial product line needed custom illustrations to be applied to promotional material, package design, and instruction manual.

Their goal for working with Kubem Studio was to craft a warm and friendly visual message that helps their customers understand the brand vision. The solutions included three custom brand patterns inspired by stories of storks and character illustrations for stationery materials and instructions. To achieve a simple and controlled look typical for Stork, I used clean lines and muted colors.

Brand values and needs

Working with Ana and Milos was an amazing journey of playful lines. Stork is a lovely, hearth-centered family brand of baby carriers whose mission is to build a strong relationship between parents and their little birds. Their core values are sustainability, functionality, and the elegance of simplicity. Therefore, each product is 100% natural and packed with love.

Cooperation with Cultural Center Dorcol Platz

Exhibition Fireplace

Project Description

The project Fireplace promotes a visual expression of thoughts and feelings. The title highlights man’s ambivalent tension in the process of knowing his own identity and chosen compositions add skittish elements to this process.

Exhibition Statement

As the central place of living space, fireplaces symbolize an intimate quest for a sense of belonging and warmth.

"Our successful collaboration with artist and designer Milica began after founding the Wunderkammer Gallery in September 2018. Although we just opened the gallery and didn’t know each other, she warmly supported our concept. Her thematically playful but simplified motives enriched our exhibition space and refreshed it with impulses of contemporary graphic design."
Jelena and Tamara
Wunderkammer Gallery

coloring book and flash cards design for

Little Village

Illustration design

To give extra charm to their projects, Kubem delivered a kid's coloring book illustration and character card design.

Five ways of becoming an ally are carefully illustrated to visually show empathy, gentle movements, and positive reactions.

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Brand voice

Little Village learning collective brings joy and adventure to the early years of learning. Their mission is to influence a child's character in a warm, positive, and fun way.

Diligent and talented, Aly and Allysa made plenty of educational materials for little learners. Having an opportunity to enrich some of them with Kubem illustrations was a true pleasure.

Design of DIY Kits and Guides for

Traffic Gardens

Project goal

The project goal was to provide traffic illustrations and technical drawings with a twist of child-centered design. These playful illustration elements make the whole learning process more fun! 

About Organization

Discover Traffic Gardens is an educational organization that invites children to learn about the traffic garden design process, but also express their creativity, objectives, and solutions.

"Working with Milica was great! She undertook to learn what I was seeking in a brand new project and translated those ideas and suggestions into wonderful designs. Her attention to the details of how these designs would work really helped turn the project into a lovely success. The turnaround was prompt and efficient so we had the whole project wrapped up quickly too."
Fionnuala Quinn

Pattern design for BabyBizz mats


Product Design
Repeat Pattern

define the problem, play with forms, and Grow